.PST Files: State of the Union

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I have heard rumors that MS will stop using and supporting the .PST file for it's PC Exchange products in the future.

I noticed that the most recent version of Entourage X (The Mac OS X Exchange and POP client) does not support .PST files. I'm not sure about Office 2004 for Mac, which ships in June '04 (MS is VERY quiet about this topic).

I wonder if this is an indicator of future changes by MS?

Can you confirm or deny the existance of .PSTs in the near future for PC (and Mac) Exchange clients (i.e.; Outlook)?


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    dobbydobby Posts: 794member
    I read this as well on one of the MS Exchange techinfo docs.

    As MS Exchange on OS X sucks big time I am currently testing Communigate Pro to replace it. It doesn't have all the bits that exchange has (yet) and the PC uses will be hardest hit but its web based and looks okay so far.

    (Configuration is quite confusing tho).

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