So what IS inside them iPods?

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A recent article in <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; describes not only the design process of iPod but also most of the major components to be found in it.

Several articles on Mac-centric websites have implied or even insisted that the device is centered around an ARM CPU. That has formed the basis of heated discussions as to how easily or otherwise the basic iPod design can be extended/transformed into other handheld devices, such as PDA's, socalled "electronic picture frames" (a la IBM), tablet computers, convergence items including cellphone functions, or even more futurist concepts.

However, such a CPU is not mentioned in the above article. My question is therefore twofold: a) What electronic components ARE there inside iPods, and what about those algorithms/functions/data structures hinted at in the articles which are included in the generic design but not implemented in current iterations of iPod? b) With those components in mind, which new kinds of usage could be realized from the existing design, and to what extent is it prepared for further enhancements?

Could some of the more technically able members of AI provide input on those points?




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    serranoserrano Posts: 1,806member
    the last issue of macaddict disected an ipod and gave the exact cpu specifics...

    ...if i can find it i'll post it.
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