FYI - The 750 GX is here!

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Power Logix offers new 1 GHz CPU upgrades for the Beige G3, Blue & White G3 and Pismo G3 PowerBook. The 750 GX has 1 MB or L2 cache, if I'm not mistaken. More details on April 5th MacCentral web site.


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    randycat99randycat99 Posts: 1,919member
    I know- it's just noootz how far the G3 has come! That's a full speed 1 MB cache, btw! That's nearly 8x the size of that of the original Intel P4. Surely the clockrate has got to top out soon (taking the Intel PIII as an indicator), but who knows how far past 1 GHz it will get?

    It doesn't have the fancy vector processing features of the "modern-day" CPU, but it is still an all around hardworker, simple, and inexpensive.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    And compare it to Sonnet's lame 1 GHz G4 upgrade:

    Both run at 1 GHz

    Sonnet's G4 drops the bus speed to 66 MHz

    Sonnet's G4 has 256 kb of full speed L2 cache and 1 MB of L3 at 250 MHz. So most of the cache is slow.

    Sonnet's upgrade costs $500 for the 1 GHz and $350 for the 800 MHz. The 1 GHz G3 costs $350.

    Only advantage to the Sonnet is that it has AltiVec and the PL 1 GHz G3 doesn't. However, the slower bus speed partially makes up for that - who's going to pay an extra $150 to get AltiVec at the cost of slower cache and a much slower bus speed?
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