LinkSys USB100M USB Ethernet Adapter Driver

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hey all. My brother has an iBook as I do except his ethernet port keeps f*cking up. We can't send it in to be fixed because it's out of warranty. It would cost too much. We went to our semi-local Apple retailer and they said to get a USB Ethernet adapter. Today we did and I've been testing it here on my iBook and I can't find a way to get OS X to use it as a connection device. Any ideas? The device name is in the subject of this thread.


Our machines are identical except mine is a 600 with DVD and his is a 500 without DVD (plain old CD-ROM). We're both running Panther. I hope this helps you help me find a solution.

EDIT #2:

I checked the System Profiler and it detects this device as "LinkSys USB Lan Adapter". So I guess it does have a driver for it.
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