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Hi all,

just got myself a nice Apple BT mouse & keyboard.

The mouse was easy to pair, while the keyboard was not recognized for some time.

Now the mouse does not move at all, although it is paired and connected and sometimes I get "connection lost" messages. The keyboard works fine, once paired.

Any help? Do you experience the same? Does the battery level play a role?

I have some other wireless devices in my office (phone & cell phone, Airport, PC Laptop with Bluetooth), do they matter?

Thanks for your input,


iMac G4, 10.3.3, BT & everything uptodate

D-Link BT 120B,

Airport Extreme Basestation


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    sh0ewaxsh0ewax Posts: 114member
    The mouse might do this after extended periods of sleep, just slide the power slider on the bottom from "on" to "off" back to "on", this should fix it every time. I know it's a neuisance, but it keeps the batteries stronger longer, so it's all for the better...
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    hwave you upgraded the firmware for the bluetooth mouse and keyboard. that fixed my mouse up It used to now start up after a sleep as well.
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    ismileyismiley Posts: 26member
    Thanks all,

    it's working now and my mouse now moves, whereas before it just took the clicks.

    That's what I did:

    Rebooted from my 2nd partition and ran Disk Utilities just in case . . .

    Fixed permissions.

    Reinstalled Bluetooth update (you can't update the firmware twice BTW)

    Un-paired and re-paired keyboard & mouse

    Now working without cables . . . (just missing the USB hub in my keyboard)

    All the best

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