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I know that there are some threads about networking panther and 2 macs with firewire but here is my issue. I am running a wireless network, 3 pc's and 2 macs with my airport extreme. When I connect my 2 macs together via firewire, I go to the rpeferences and I make sure that the firewire is above the airport so that it is the priority. Well when I go to transfer files between my 2 macs it still goes over the network, or I even get it taht I cant connect to the airport because the one mac is trying to connect to it through the other mac via firewire.

Does anyone have this working solidly so that they can explain to me exactly how to have my network work over the airport, but my file transfers via firewire?


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    gargoylegargoyle Posts: 660member
    Are you using rendezvous to find the other computer?

    Each of your net connections should have a different IP address. For example your airport interface, and firewire interface on computer 1 might have 1.1 and 1.2 respectively, and computer 2 would be 2.1 and 2.2.

    So if you connect from computer 1 to the address 2.1 - You will go via airport. If you connect to the address 2.2 you would go via the firewire interface.

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    dage007dage007 Posts: 320member
    Yes currently my airport is set at and all my macs and pc's follow the set. Are you saying that now for the 2 macs I want to connect via firewire, I should assing lets say mac 1 and the other maybe Then when I go to the finder and I want to transfer files between one another, I make sure that I put in the IP of the firewire port? Or will the finder automatically show me both options to transfer over airport or firewire?
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    gargoylegargoyle Posts: 660member
    I would set the firewire connections to and ...2.101 since I am 90% sure that you might cause problems by having 2 different connections on the same subnet.

    This is fairly heavy IP networking stuff to explain, I have not got it all logged in my own head properly yet, so I am not going to try and explain it.

    I'll boot up my PC and see if I can find out for you, but not sure if Mac -> Mac would be different because of rendezvous.


    I have 192.168.1.x for my wireless network, and 10.0.0.x for the Firewire connections. But because it's to a PC, I have to cmd-k to connect. So if I enter smb:// I will connect to the PC via the wi-fi. If I use smb:// I will connect via firewire.

    Hope this clears things up a bit. There is no way for me to test it with rendezvous 'cos I only have 1 Mac.
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    dage007dage007 Posts: 320member
    I remember trying it several different ways, but I will try with .2.100 and .2.101 Just wondering if the same will apply if I decide to run it with the ethernet cable instead seeing how there are some performance issues with the firewire port and the G5.
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