Plone. Anyone use it?

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I saw an announcement of 2.0's release, so I decided to try it out. Downloaded and installed just fine. It seems very powerful as a CMS and I was wondering if anyone had any impressions of it versus something like geeklog or php-nuke or something. Thanks in advance for any replies.


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    I've just started looking at it. The main benefits for me are:

    * Python

    * very intelligently done CSS styling (with accessibility benefits)

    * user-interface focus

    I'm slightly overwhelmed by it at the moment though, there seems to be a hell of a lot going on. Maybe I need to sit and read the Plone book:

    Also because they've just released version 2.0, I think all the skins and plug-ins etc. are going to take a while to catch up. But that's just first impressions after about a week, I'm no expert (yet).
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member

    Originally posted by stupider...likeafox

    * very intelligently done CSS styling (with accessibility benefits)

    That's one of the things drawing me to it. If I'm going to start writing NIMH grants for my web-based research, I know for a fact they're going to start requiring accessibility standards be met (and rightly so). Currently I'm using a home-grown, cobbled together php/mysql solution that works ok for me as the sole person working on it, but it will NOT scale well at all. Why reinvent the wheel?

    I'm going to spend the next week playing with and seeing what it can do. stupider, could you post back with any revelations you have while working on it? I'll do the same....
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    Slashdot posted a story about this review:,1759,1557819,00.asp

    It talks some nonsense about support at the end but the executive summary is useful if you need to win over the kind of person who would be impressed by eWeek giving a product the thumbs up.

    I particularly liked the following slashdot comment about plone's accessibility and i18n support:
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