Academic vs. Standard FCP4

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Afternoon everyone, quick question. I'm going to be going into the film industry upon graduation and would like to purchase myself a copy of Final Cut Pro 4 for indepentant work before and after I graduate. My question is that if I purchase the academic version (saving close to $500) will that mean I cannot use that software in a commercial environment, say if I want to edit my films and then potentially gain a profit from them? I'm looking into all my resources and plunking down $900 (at Amazon) for this software will be a very large investment, but as I'm graduating soon, I feel I might need the full version as opposed to the Academic. Thoughts?


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    Originally posted by Gott der Maschine


    Sssh... don't think so hard...
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    Simple logic. If you buy the education version now, as you're entitled to, and use it later on for paid work, as you're not entitled to, you're breaching the software agreement.

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