Indesign CS: Backward compatability

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Can I save InDesign CS files back to older versions of InDesign with minimal problems and issues?


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    kirklandkirkland Posts: 594member
    For some ungodly reason, InDesign CS cannot save files in the InDesign 2.0 format. Any InDesign 2 document taken into CS will be resaved in CS format, and become unreadable by Indy 2.0. Adobe cut the 2.0 export option in order to sync the release of Indy CS with the rest of the Creative Suite.

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    Why Adobe doesn't allow you to save InDesign files back I will never know. You can't save files back even in InDesign 2. Looks like this is the trend that Adobe is going with on InDesign.

    When we receive InDesign CS files at my work we usually instruct the customer on how to export them as EPS files and then we just place them in a Quark file and print them. For some reason my company never upgrades as quick as our customers and so we are always behind.
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    What Kirkland said. This was the one thing about IDCS that really pissed me off. I had to re-install ID 2 and use it half the time because you can't open CS files in ID 2. You'd think the whole thing would be XML based by now, since it's a modular app, so the files can easily be opened on either version.
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