Disassembling an installer.

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How can I 'take apart' an installer. Specifically the Halo installer. It is a single application which contains all the reference files (.map etc) inside it. My question is, there must be a way to access these compressed files hidden inside the app. Or am I wrong?


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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    If it's a package, you can use Pacifist to take it apart, but if it's a third party installer, I'm afraid you're SOL.
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    Darn it! I need to locate a copy of sounds.map and infinite.map since they are both corrupted. I think my CD is scratched up too bad since each time I reinstall they re-corrupt. GRRRT!

    There doesn't happen to be a good samaratin out there who would dump them out somewhere in a web directory for me is there? (it IS Easter afterall)

    I don't *think* this breaches the AI code of law... but if this is asking too much, just say so and I'll clear these posts.

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    never mind about infinity.map managed to get it to run...

    Any idea how I can get sounds.map ?
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    Curse sounds.map!

    Curse it to a PC filled hades!

    Can you imagine how tough it is to play without audio cueues? I can't even here the fly by of angry alien counterfire.

    ------Begins scouring P2P networks for the file....------
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