Question Mark (flashing) in folder on Startup - OSX powerbook

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I've got a powerbook 1.25 fw800 & when I try to boot it up, it comes up with a small folder with an alternating flashing question mark & the blue apple smiley face logo inside of it, but won't go any further. This has happened since I used my powerbook in Target Drive Mode to backup an OS 9 G4. We dismounted the drive properly we thought (trashed my disk before resetting my computer) but i still can't open my Pbook.


- run disk utility, verified & repaired permissions, but it won't verify & repair the disk due to it not registering as being dismounted

- reset the PRAM

Anyone had a similar problem? Thanks!!


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    dmband0026dmband0026 Posts: 2,345member
    Your computer is having trouble locating your startup disk...and or system software. I know there is a way you can start up that will allow you to select a new startup volume...but I don't remember exactly how to do it. It might be a restart while holding the apple key down? Again, I don't remember it...but I know someone here does. Bottom line is, something most likely went south with your system software...maybe you accidently moved something...I have no idea. Good luck.
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    Here's what Apple's TIL says:

    It might come down to having to reinstall the system folder. \
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    thanx. Yeah, i've already been thru that step by step, and still no dice... How do I go about re-installing the system folder?

    I'm going to get my hands onto Disk Warrior today and give that a shot... I can't be without my pbook for too much longer, it's killing me!
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