DVD's only buring at 1X

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I have a new dual G5 and the Superdrive is 4X, but when I am burning anything to a DVD it only lets me burn at 1X.

I searched around the forums and didn't find an answer. I am assuming that it either has something to do with Toast or possibly the DVD-R's that I'm using.

I'm using Toast 6 and Fujifilm DVD-R. Are there 4X DVD-R'S like there are 32X CD-R's?

I would really appreciate the help to cut down the wait time on burning.



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    endymionendymion Posts: 375member
    Most likely it is due to the media. You need to look for DVD-Rs that are rated for the higher speed. I ran into the same problem with some verbatims that only burned at 1x.
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    trampttrampt Posts: 23member
    After more research I was able to realize that it's the media that I am using. Next round of purchasing Blank DVD-R's will be 4X.

    Thanks anyway.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    FYI: Fry's had a special this weekend. 50-pack of DVD-r's for $0.59 a disk. That is the cheapest I have seen them so far.8)
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    onlookeronlooker Posts: 5,252member
    ----------------[BEWARE OF LONG STORY]--------------------

    You know what happened to me. I thought my burner was failing because of this, and I accidentally burned it out. Some of these online @ss hºles "superMediaSTore" sold me a 50 pack of 4X media, but when I got to the last ten on the spool they were 1X. [Fvck*n cheating [email protected] [email protected]). So I got nervous, and stopped the burning process while one was writing the lead out, and it seemed like it was taking too long so I force quit Toast, and my burner started acting funny, and it was all down hill in a matter of a day from there. ANd I ended up burning it out within 12 hours.

    Then! I ordered a new one, and the same thing was happening 1X burning, and I was freaking out so I force quit Toast again, and took out another burner. Thankfully they took it back, and sent me a new one, but the one thing I learned from this is don't ever force quit a DVD burning in process no matter how long it''s been writing. Let it finish. It eventually will do something.
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