Dynamic DNS client script

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Does anyone know of a dynamic dns client that can be installed by applescript. Basically i have to set it up remotely and would prefer to just use a simple apple script that has to be executed, without me actually having to go there if possible.



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    You have to specify which of the DynamicDNS providers you are using, and then I do not think that you will find one that uses AppleScript for the install routine. They will either be shell scripts, or full blown programs that have a GUI installer.

    With the shell scripts you could set them up through a command line, but somehow I think you are trying to avoid that.
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    mmmpiemmmpie Posts: 628member
    Without knowing what provider you are using, its hard to say. But, the simplest scripts Ive seen in linux, for zoneedit, dyndns, and others, just used wget to send a URL to the server which had the password username and IP in it ( not very secure I know ). You could easily do the same script in applescript.

    Those scripts were hooked into the network system to update whenever the ip changed, but if you cant work out how to do that you can just run every 10 min.

    I use dnsupdater ( from macupdate ), which is a daemon and a seperate interface program. You could just take the daemon and setup its config file and write an applescript to deploy that.
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