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Hi all,

I'm beginning to create some good content that I want to send to my far flung family and friends, and I'd love to create a multi-media CD-Rom (as not all have DVDs).

Can anyone advise on a cheap software solution that can do this?

The idea is that when putting in the CDRom a menu will come up that will lead people to either a film, some photos, a letter etc. A bit like the CD-Rom UK Sunday Times readers get once a month. of course, if it works with DVD too that would be great.



FP iMac, 800Mhz, Superdrive


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    the version of iDVD in iLife '04 sounds like it'll do most if not all of what you're asking.
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    Where does it say that iDVD will make menus for CDs?

    I don't think it will.
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    curiousuburbcuriousuburb Posts: 3,325member
    you are correct...

    I misread his 'if it works with DVD too' as an either/or inquiry

    compatibility is a major question... are all of your potential viewers on a common platform?

    why not just build a website with links to all of the content in question and burn it to CDROM

    all users with a respectable browser (which presumably means no new learning curve) would be able to view menus, images, text, and depending on plug-in, audio and video content (which is held locally on the CD, so no concern about bandwidth)
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    I must admit I was/am thinking of doing just as you suggest - create a website on a CD Rom.

    But I was hoping for a more elegant solution, so my friends and family only have to insert a disc and follow onscreen menus. I understand that products like Macromedia Director will do what I want - but I can't justify the price for a few home CD Roms!

    Hopefully one of you guys knows of a cheaper product out there - for instance, anyone know much about MovieWorks 6?


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    cam'roncam'ron Posts: 503member
    flash will do it pretty much just as well as director and its a bit cheaper. $500 not $1100.
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    Well, I just found this little gem on It looks like it would do exactly what you're asking, I believe.

    VCD Builder 1.1.2
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    Thanks Brad, but I'm not sure. I looked it up, and it seems to be OK for someone who can work their way around a CD Rom. It doesn't seem appropriate for creating menus, links etc.

    As for Flash, I think $500 is far too much for the handful of CDRoms I'll do a year!

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