Travelling to UK with PowerBook 12"

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Does anyone have advice on travelling with a PowerBook to the UK? I've bought a power adapter from Radio Shack (not converter) that plugs onto the outlet over there. I know that the PowerBook power adapter can automatically switch voltage between 110V here and 220V overseas. Does anyone have similar experience with this? Do I really need to buy the Apple internation adapter set? It seems a bit excessive for what I need.

Please enlighten me as I'm going tomorrow!!!




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    I live in the UK and have a Power Book 12" AND own the Apple international adaptor pack!

    If you have an adaptor that will let you plug into UK voltages you should be fine, as I'm sure the supply auto switches.

    My Adaptor pack includes north american, and its simply a different plug (not that I've used that one!)

    Have a nice time here - where abouts are you visiting (and don't say 'just London'! ahhhh)
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