John Dean: Bush deception "worse than Watergate"

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I just ran across this, and it didn't show up in an AO search. I thought it was quite interesting. Is Dean now going to be vilified as a liberal mouthpiece?

In "Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush," John Dean, the former White House Counsel during the Nixon years, examines the Bush administration and asserts that this administration's tactics of deception are more damaging to America than the Watergate scandal.

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?What at first appeared only a penchant for secrecy I soon realized was a policy of concealment that they (Bush-Cheney) exercised throughout the 2000 campaign,? Mr. Dean tells us. And that in his investigation, he has uncovered ?overwhelming evidence that their secrecy is out of hand and that is has become so pervasive and troubling that it must be called sinister, for it has dreadful potential consequences for all Americans.?

In Chapter Five, entitled ?Hidden Agenda,? Mr. Dean says, ?George W. Bush has not chosen to deal honestly with the American people regarding his true agenda, where he is taking this nation and why. Or how. In matters of war and peace, his hidden agenda could not be more troubling? In addition, Bush--in another example of being worse than Nixon--is openly attacking enemies through dirty tricks that are breathtaking in their audacity (with the news media remaining mostly silent, if not complicit).

And what is most clear from the brief Mr. Dean presents here, is that by Bush misleading the Congress as to the matter of going to war with Iraq, his conduct indeed rises to the level of an impeachable offense.

For John Dean to see parallels between his former boss and the present occupant of the oval office is natural. After all, Richard Nixon was vindictive, secretive and paranoid.


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    Of course it is. Did thousands of people die because of Watergate? Did global Armageddon become that much more likely? Oh what else has he lied about, the environment, the economy, tax cuts (yes yes that Medicare bill will kill people. )
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