Apple Mail - unable to send to more than 3 recipients

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I have a blog and like to send notifications to about 20 people when it is updated. I can't get mail to send to more than two or three recipients. It hangs and says "sending recipients" and then tells me the server is wrong or down or something. Thing works with Entourage and Outlook on my PC so I don't think it is the server. Anyone else had this problem. I am thinking that I can't be the only one. Any solutions?


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    mattjohndrowmattjohndrow Posts: 1,618member
    i dunno, i've always had good luck with using mail
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    telomartelomar Posts: 1,804member
    Because I do most of my work with teams of people I regularly send emails to multiple people and I've never had the difficulty you're having.

    Can't offer any suggestions as to the why it's happening but I'd certainly be surprised if it was any fault with the software itself.
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