iMac/Panther compatibility

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My daughter has the following Mac:

iMac Machine ID 406

Power PC G3

Built in memory 128mb

OS 9.0.1

Can she install and expect to run Panther satisfactorily?






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    gsxrboygsxrboy Posts: 565member
    You will need to add 256mb (at least) of ram to make it useable.. The machine ID could be one of a few iMac models, the mhz rating we need to help you out more.
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    eric ...

    That machine will run Panther just fine.

    ANY iMac will run it ... I use it daily on the origional iMac with only 192MB ram.

    The more RAM you add, the snappier things will be, but it WILL work with what you have.

    That said, don't expect it to perform like a new eMac
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    eric jeric j Posts: 43member
    Thanks friends,

    Slight delay in responding, my daughter lives in UK.

    She has decided to put off OS X till later.


    eric j
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    nanonano Posts: 178member
    i have on a 233mhz imac with 128mb ram. works ok. its hard to have more than 4 apps open though.
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