Registering Programs like Studio MX and Adobe Photoshop CS

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Hey guys. I'm waiting to switch to the next speed bumped power macs, but I hear that speed bump could happen as late as September. I really want to explore Studio MX and Adobe Photoshop CS for Mac, but if I only get the mac in September then my whole summer will be wasted without being productive. (I also want to spend summer learning how to use a mac and not waste my school year learning.)

The problem is that if I buy this software (Studio MX and Adobe Photoshop) for my PC, it will become incompatible with my Mac and I won't be able to use it ever again.

So, I'm going to use my sister's emac until I get the powermac and install the paid software on there.


I am aware that Photoshop CS and Studio MX make you register your product online. My question is: once I register the product for my sister's emac (which I'm currently using), will I be able to install it on the powermac and register it there too???


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    You only have to register once, no matter on how many sequential single computers you're using them. However, you may use your software on only one computer. So once you have your new Mac, you have to delete it on your sisters eMac and then install it on your new Mac.

    The registration is meant for the owner of the software, rather than for a specific computer.

    If anyone who attended law school found a hole in this statement, feel free. 8)
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    Just what I thought. Thanks!
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