Installing Panther & Classic without users

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I want to install Panther and Classic on a hard disk without registering or creating a user account. Basically I want the end user to be able to switch the machine on and start using it fresh (without user accounts and prefs that they don't recognise already on there).

This is a newbee user, and I want to keep things as simple and by-the-book as possible for them.

I can install Panther, and then just switch the machine off before it restarts, but the problem is that you need to be running Mac OS X in order to install the Classic environment from the Restore DVD.

I have a stand-alone 9.2.2 installer CD that I purchased, but I'm not sure if it's okay to install it after Panther?

Any suggestions?


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    Mac OS X is BSD based, which is a UNIX variant. The very foundation and philosophy of the operating system is users and permissions based. You can't not have user accounts on a Mac OS X system.

    What you can do is run the installer, and setup the end user's account for them, even though I have seen an untrained Badger fill in the blanks before. It's pretty intuitive, and I think it takes more effort to screw it up and become confused by it than it does to just instinctually use the machine; you'd have to really try to not be able to use a Panther install out of the box.

    So install it on a user's box, fill in their name, a username, a password, their email address, etceteras. Then write down their password and tell them to keep it safe somewhere. If the person you're setting this up for is able to withdraw money from an ATM, I'd say they're probably not going to take issue with Panther.

    The default behaviour of a Panther install, IIRC, is to automatically log the user in every time the machine boots, in case you were worried about that...
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