Maya 6 Article pops up at 3D site.

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3D/RenderMan/and Animation site DeathFall Has a preview of some of the new stuff in Maya 6. There is no word on a Maya unlimited for Mac yet, but I have my doubts.

Alias also has a book on Maya 6 for sale at their site already that I saw earlier today. Nothing Official from Alias yet though.

But if your at NAB checking out the Apple booth Alias is right next to them.


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    jaredjared Posts: 639member
    It seems like Alias go through revisions pretty fast. Or is that just me?
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    I run v4.5 on a G4. I didn't upgrade to v5.0, I didn't think the feature set or the lack of OS X optimisation justified the price. However, I am about to upgrade both hard and software, so the next few months are very important to me (NAB, WWDC, Siggraph).

    v6.0 is also rumoured to be a cocoa re-write, but sadly will not be a full unlimited release due to Apple's lack of support for pro graphic cards. (Check Alias forums for info).

    I am keeping my eye on Modo as I have changed my workflow to poly/subd's (one thing that Maya v6.0 needs to address). If Modo's modular architecture announces support for MR, then I will think seriously about dropping Maya altogether. (if I can find a suitable replacement for dynamics, particles).

    If Apple misses 3Ghz and fails to adopt either NVidia's NV40 or ATI's next high end card then, like you onlooker, will be forced to adopt x86 hardware and Linux. I still have faith though, Apple (most notably R Kerris) have in the last couple of years have made positive commitments to 3d. Pixar's recent interest in the G5 can only serve to benefit the platform.
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