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hi. im currently a pc user, but im anxious to buy a powerbook for when i start college, but i dont want to buy one now, because im afraid that if i buy one now apple would release something better on macworld, if someone knows anything about these please let me know since i would like to buy it as soon as possible, thanks..,


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    I don't think we are due for a PB bump at MWNY. The current ones are barly a month old as it is, and they offer alot of upgraded features.
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    Wait until you get to college. I'm a professor at a university and it's usually the case that the bookstores of most universities and colleges can get better deals for their students than the students would get elsewhere. Best to check with the school first and see what they recommend.
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    Welcome aboard! We hope you like it here in Macville!

    Ordering your Powerbook from your school is probably good advice. Educational pricing is usually better than anywhere else.

    And I second the "don't wait for Macworld" sentiment. PowerBooks were updated very recently. Not likely to see anything new in July.
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