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I am about to buy a Powerbook next week just after the new Apple updates. I have tested both Powerbooks at the Apple Store.

Although my budget, desire, and need is drawn to the 17PB configuration, the HEAT I felt under my left palm while using the various 17PB displays seemed hot. At least, much more noticibly warm than the 15".

I will not be using the laptop as a desktop replacement. I already have a PowerMac. I want the ability to design on my back deck, on the hammock, on the front steps, and anywhere else I desire.

As a flash/video motion producer, I need as much destop real estate as possible. However, after test the 17PB, I am concerned about the heat.

Can you 17PB owners give me feedback about the heat from your laptop? Also, please specify if you use it on a desk or on your lap, as I will not be using mine on a desk a majority of the time.

Many thanks!!



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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    You haven't used a 15" on your lap then, have you? It gets pretty warm as well...especially when doing a log of processor-intensive stuff. If you want more screen real estate, get the 17". Both are probably going to be about as hot as the other.
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    billybobskybillybobsky Posts: 1,914member
    if you can't handle the heat don't put the lap top on your lap...

    17 in gets hot. Worries me. I put it aside. Cools down in no time.

    The cost between the two models wasn't that different for me when i bought the 17 in...
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    Actually, I used a TiBook for several months. It got hot, however, I think the motherboard is very different. I think the processor and/or hard drive is in a different location on the 17. From what I tell, one hand resting in front of the keyboard is hotter than the other... to a very noticable degree. This is not the case on the 15".

    BTW... I can handle the heat, but do I want to tolerate an uncomfort? No.
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    purchasing advice goes in general discussion. moving now.
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    Hey i have the latest PB 17" 1.33GHZ. It gets hot. But so do all PB's. I would go 17" for sure because you cant beat the screen size for all the editing. I have a friends 15" at teh moment and its seems tiny and arkward in comparison.

    I find that now that i'm used to the 17" i couldnt go back to the 15". Plus if you get a slimline bag its not bad to lug around at all. I have the BELKIN slip case bag which is almost like a glove fit and its easy to lug around.

    But with the heat it does get very hot. But not so that it burns you or anything.

    I use my PB on my bed, couch, desk. Hardly ever my lap tho. Although i must say cos of its huge size it kinda sits in your lap quite securely. so its unlikely to fall off.

    I think once you go for the 17" you will never go back either.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    I just want to point out that you can't really use the TiBook's heat to assume what the 15" AlBook's heat is.
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    your PB17" 1.33 isn't the latest anymore. haha

    that said, i have the 1Ghz 17", so i'm hurting even more.

    Anyone wanna buy a powerbook? j/k
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    defenately the 17. i have the 1.33 17 and i love it. of course i bought it only 6 days ago, so i will have the 1.5 shortly. although i did call my apple store and they dont have any 17 1.5's in stock. so who knows -- but basical;ly it is to say that i would have nop ptoblem getting it again. the warmth is no problem for me -- i use a desk. the screen size cant be beat. i no longer use a desktop....and i have a G5 at my disposal.
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    the cool gutthe cool gut Posts: 1,714member

    Originally posted by richardtruss

    i no longer use a desktop....and i have a G5 at my disposal.

    Just out of curiosity, what is it about the Powerbook that you prefer so much over a G5?
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    Originally posted by the cool gut

    Just out of curiosity, what is it about the Powerbook that you prefer so much over a G5?

    a few things. firstly it is my personal computer and i tend to bring a lot of work home, so it is conventient. Second, it is quick and predictable. i have found that my G5, and a few others at the agency i work at, tend to sometimes do things that cant be explained -- get caught up in the infinate-spinning-beachball of death, decide not to read mail one day. weird sh*t. But beyond that, it is really a kudos to the PB more than a slam on the G5 -- i just like it all ine one place. the keyboard is elegant and a pleasure for me to type on, the backlit thing is way cool -- especially at home when the GF or daughter crashes in my room, and since my monitor at work is a CRT 17", i cant bear to give up staring at the widescreen 17" PB display.

    who knows, maybe its just new to me...and i cant stop playing with it.
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