Need More Speed.

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I have a G4 audio digi 467MHz. I have looked on the apple site for recomended CPU upgrades but in true apple style " If we dont make it, you dont want it" seems to be their attitude. Has any one pimped out their little pant wettting baby into to a godzilla.

How do I get my hands on a CPU?

How much is it going to cost?

How much soup can you feed it?

Is it worth doing?

Has anyone had all this go pear shaped on them? compattibility issues ect...



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    I have a (formerly) G4 400MHz gigabit ethernet PowerMac that I have upgraded significantly. It now has a single 1.4GHz G4 from Giga-designs and 1.4 GB RAM, along with a Radeon 9000 Pro 64MB video card. Thus, as you can see you can upgrade your system significantly, enough that it will be basically as fast as a new G4 system. I have heard that the dual CPU upgrades from Powerlogix and oth ers are very nice, but also very expensive. To upgrade my machine, I spent roughly $1000 total ($600 CPU, $200 RAM, $200 video card), but I consider the money well spent because I will keep this machine for many more years (easily 4-5 more years). By spending just a little bit more money and selling your old system you could get enough to buy a new G5, so factor in that possibility as you make your decision. As for speed, my computer can now play just about any game for the mac extremely well. I don't do any high end production work on this machine, mostly because I'm a student, but compile times for my programming projects are nice and fast now . Make sure you check out the CPU upgrade reviews at xlr8yourmac for your specific PowerMac model. They will give you more information as to what might be the best/least problematic upgrade.


    PS I have yet to have ANY issues with the CPU upgrade from giga-designs. No cache issues, no incompatibilities, not a single problem so far.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Although Gigadesigns processor upgrades are great, they are overpriced right now. Basically, the other three major companies (Sonnet, PowerLogix, and OWC) have been steadily dropping prices for months, while Gigadesigns still charges the same amount for their upgrades as they did late last year.

    Anyway, I'd recommend an OWC Mercury Extreme upgrade. That's what I have and it is also very good. PowerLogix and Sonnet both have more problems than OWC and Gigadesigns, AND they don't allow overclocking of the chip so you can never get more than the advertised clock speed. My brother's 1.25-1.33 GHz OWC chip, for example, can do 1.4 GHz, or even 1.53 GHz if he opens his case and surrounds the thing with fans. Also, Sonnet and PowerLogix upgrades come only with the CPU, and no heat sink. You have to use the original heat sink. My OWC upgrade has a built-in heatsink and fan.

    Actually, Gigadesign's prices aren't THAT bad. It's $440 for the 1.25-1.4 GHz upgrade, while the same one from OWC costs $420. However, OWC also offers a much wider range, including a 1.25-1.33 GHz for $390 and a 1.25-1.26 GHz for $370.
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    With a GigaDesign @1.2Ghz and a ATI 8500 my old G4/400 feels as fast as the dual 1.25 I have at work. It has been worth doing as I alredy had added a bigger HD and a CDRW. Now I have a computer that will last me until 2005 and then I go G 6 extreme or what ever they will call the CPUs then

    Perfect compability no drivers or anything.
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    Thanks guys i think i'll do it. now i just need to find them cheap. in autralia. the formetioned prices were in USD and before i realised i was all ready salivating. if i cant get one for under 700 i might just flog this old goat off to some one unsuspecting egar beaver for 1000 and go a G5 after the speed bump..... there is a speed bump coming soon, isn't there?
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    Purchasing Advice goes in General Discussion.

    Moving there now...
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    yeah, you may as-well get a G5 considering the price you'll have to fork out to upgrade your system. As i said in a similar thread a few weeks back think of the future. A new bottom of the range G5 will last you a lot longer than upgrading your G4 and you'll have a damn site faster machine to boot.

    or if your budget doesnt allow get the All new emac, can't flog this machine enough today
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