Refurb eMacs are CHEAP!

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I just checked the Special Deals corner of the Apple Store, and it looks like they've recently added eMacs to the mix.

Check out these prices, folks:


eMac 1GHz/128MB/40GB/CD/NoModem-Refurbished


eMac 1GHz/128MB/40GB/Combo/56K - Refurbished


eMac 1GHz/256MB/60GB/Combo/56K/AP Card-Refurbished


eMac 1GHz/128MB/60GB/Combo/E/56K - Refurbished


eMac 1GHz/256MB/80GB/SuperDrive/E/56K - Refurbished


I'm looking especially at the $620 model.... That's one great deal. 1 Gig, combo drive and all. Of course, you'd want to throw in some extra RAM, too, but that's cheap.

I wonder how long they'll last...


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    slackulaslackula Posts: 262member
    I was just thinking the same thing.

    My wife is a high school teacher and has still been limping by with her bondi blue iMac for all these years....

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