My optical light up keyboard is crap :o(

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I have a 10 day old 15" Superdrive.

The lightup optical keyboard is so dull its VERY hard to tell if its actually on or not, I certainly cant see the keys in the dark, luckily I can touch type.

One of the things that attracted me to upgrade to superdrive was the keyboard.

Do I have a dodgy powerbook or are the keyboards generally crap?


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    This may be stating the obvious...

    Have you tried changing the brightness controls for the keyboard light?

    As a tech support thread, this belongs in Genius Bar. Moving now...
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    Edit: Just found how to change the brightness of my keyboard!


    Thanks, it was on 1 bar, no wonder I couldnt see it
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    A quick search here for "keyboard brightness" took me right to this thread:

    Adjusting the brightness on the backlit keyboard

    Have you tried the suggestions there?

    Edit: I'm glad you found a fix. Was it the same as in that thread?
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