create an alias to a file on a server ?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hey guys

I have an Excel file I share with another guy in the office. He, too, runs OSX on a PB.

What I want is

- to create an Alias of that file (located on the server) on MY desktop. I've tried it and it works fine until I log off the server, it then says the original element has disappeared.

- to be able to send the other guy that alias so he, too, doesn't have to log on the server, then browse 4 levels of sub menus to find the excel file.

what I want is, if I'm not logged on the network, when I double click on the alias the system prompts me to log on, then finds the document, then opens it !

It that feasible ? I'm sure it is ;-)

I'm working on a heterogenous environment with both PCs & Macs. Myself I use X.3.3 on a PB G4 12' 867Mhz.

Guy responsible for the network told me the server for connecting all computers is a Mac, and mentioned me smthg about Samba and adresses such as smb://...../..../filename.xls

well I don't know what he meant and he's gone for a while, so here I come.

thks for your help.
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