New Belkin Media reader for iPod!

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Finally! I'm still reading specs--I'll update when I know more.

Edit: Ok I think the main feature of this new one is that it has a USB port so you can go directly from the camera to the iPod without taking out the chip. The whole thing is still big and I don't think transfer rates improved, but I'll continue to check.

Edit 2.0: I'd imagine if you go straight from your digital camera (via USB) to the reader, then to the iPod, the transfer rate would be much higher. You're essentially going from USB to Firewire, rather than the internal parts of the Reader slowing everything down.



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    Why is the thing so big? I wonder how much power it really uses -- if you took away the 2 AA batteries -- how big of a hit the iPod battery would take? I wish they could just design something smaller. Then I could justify spending $100.
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