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Many good wishes for new year from Apple Engineer being myself

I wanna tell ya 'bout some information I bin' privy to at my little whipper/snapper Steve's new year bash - vegan stylz!


1. Kyboard + mose oldskooool! steven sez split stylz ala' Microsoft (teehee) naturalz...

+mouse = whitey tighty design with but one button. Much lamenting and swooning.

2. Steve will spice the sauce sour with an El Smaco iMac ll, dubbed iMac 2. motherboard not big enough for HungDaddy. Features: wide (teehee) screen, flat like a flat chest. Similar to tiTatanium iNovel but viewed from wider angels yeah babyz. Tighty Whitey but unspectacular in all regards.

3. Turn up the grill babyz, BBQ! Steve will herald era = new = G5! No G6 as cache coherency cogniscence = popped cherry. Features: g4 with G5 emblazzoned on die sub limation servo recorder tape. dvd burning capable yes accross line. GGGEEEEEEforcE4 demoed = APPL OEM first sez. Dubble pumped (yeah baby!) quick DDR RAM + on board ram contoller = transport hyper toilet + extras.

4. ADobE demo PS on G%, fry off v AMPee + Pfour = no contestant fruit being the only

5. One more thing! iWear...wireless monitor in glasses sun yes. iWant ONe. SPARKLE!


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    xypexype Posts: 672member
    [quote]Originally posted by HungDaddy:


    Many good wishes for new year from Apple Engineer being myself</strong><hr></blockquote>

    So when I apply as an engineer at Apple I don't need to know or spell english correctly, right? Cool, I might have a chance then!

    Phr34k 0ut!
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    We don't nee no H8s

    We just tryin' to live together...

    Engineering = maths + physics &gt; square root^England!

    kidds these decades

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    By the way

    Did I say

    Go Away.
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    ******news flash*****

    From: sJobs

    To Hung Daddy

    iWear = Brenner frames

    Integrated telephony (Place where planes land and take off 3), G# interconnectivity + polarised copper trast lens

    ******Confirmation: pending******


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    Do you have no life?
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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    Wait. That was English? :eek:
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    cobracobra Posts: 253member
    If Apple were hiring dorks like this, the end would be very near for them.
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    [quote]Originally posted by Fran441:

    <strong>Wait. That was English? :eek: </strong><hr></blockquote>

    It was 68K´sh

    HungDaddy: a typical 68K name

    The reference to Also Spracht Zarathustra is typical 68K intellectual show off

    The message typical 68K no sence.
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    This is pretty stupid. Time to close it.
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