Looking for an ADF scanner, any suggestions?

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hi, i am looking for a cheap (less than $200), ADF and OCR scanner that works on OSX.3. i have been doing some searchings, and the hp scanjet 5550c is seems the only choice; however, most mac users say it sucks. i dont really care about the image quality, as soon as it's readable, than its okay.

thank you!.


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    w1n78w1n78 Posts: 26member
    i've been using the HP 5500 coz of the photo feeder on the PC. love it for pics, but hardly use it for documents. i've seen the 5550 and from what it looks like the only difference is the feeder. have you also looked at all-in-ones? there's a lot that have the feeder that may have what you need. i haven't used the 5500 on my new mac but it is installed. i'm just waiting for my photoshop software to arrive then i'll start using it again.
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    crapycrapy Posts: 4member
    thanks for your reply! i am also looking at hp 3030 all-in-one, yet the price is a bit high. anyway, i bought 1210 recently which doesnt have any ADF. it works okay but the software is buggy. and actually i was going to bid the 5550 on ebay. so another concern is the software itself. i hope PS can have excellent performance with 5550.

    thank you!
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    macvaultmacvault Posts: 323member
    I would love to see something like the Fujitsu ScanSnap... http://www.fcpa.fujitsu.com/products/scanners/scansnap/

    Why the ---- doesn't this think work on OS X, or why hasn't anyone else made such a thing for OS X?
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