Why does Dot Mac keep rejecting my password?

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I don't get this. Almost daily Mail.crap brings up an error letting me know that the server rejected my password. If I type in the password it gets rejected again. However if I quit Mail.crap and wait a half hour it works again.

This has started to really piss me off. Does anyone have any ideas why this might be happening? Does this happen to anyone else?


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    Happening to my boyfriend right now \ Weird.

    Moving to Genius Bar...
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    same answer I just provided in this thread yesterday:


    This is Mail.app's anemic way of saying it can't properly contact the server. It assumes that it's just a bad l/p combination and reports that as the error. Choosing to cancel and then reconnecting later will work.

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    Whoops. Watch as I clear the egg from my face and eat that plate of crow in front of me. That will teach me to check out GB more often.
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