Of Dreams and Batteries (new ibook)

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Ok, so two general groups of questions on the sleep function and battery recharge.

1.) Is it normal for the little white sleep lamp to pulse differently when the ibook is closed and asleep as opposed to open and asleep? It seems that whether I put it to sleep by closing the lid or by performing the sleep command from the apple menu, the light only pulses briefly between spans of a good ten or twenty seconds (haven't timed it - that's what it feels like) when the lid is closed. When it's open - whether I leave it open after using the sleep command or open it after closing it - the lamp does the slow, deep, regular pulses.

This wouldn't seem wierd to me if it hadn't just started happening - last night, in fact. The battery level was about 30%, and the lamp behavior changed. Also, the computer doesn't wake up automatically when I open the lid - it stays asleep and the lamp behavior slows down. However, it used to do this, too.

2.) The other question regards battery recharging during sleep. I put the computer to sleep last night, plugged in, at about 30% battery power. Now, in the morning, I wake up the computer to find that it has only recharged to about 33%. However, since the computer has been awoken, and I've been doing email and such, the battery has filled to 67% (about 45 minutes). This seems counter-intuitive - that the battery should charge much faster while the computer is running. What's stranger, though, is that the battery didn't recharge all the way over the course of an entire night.

Again, this is the first day that this has happened. Two nights ago, I put it to sleep, and with the lid closed got the slow breathing lamp, and a full battery by morning.

I got and started using my iBook on Friday. It is Sunday, two days later. Is my battery already fried? What is going on?



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    Sounds like something is wrong with the battery or the power manager but these things are hard to determine. Try discharging it completely then charge it completely. If you still have issues take it to an Apple Store if there is one close to you and have them look into it.

    Also zap the PRAM.

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