Hey! That's our job!

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Apparently trying to beat out AO as king of ill-considered personal invective, I give you this little nugget in re British newspaper owner Richmond Desmond:


"Don't you tell me to sit down, you miserable little piece of shit," Mr Desmond said, before he launched what witnesses described as "a stream of foul-mouthed abuse, both personal and general".

"After three years dealing with a bunch of crooks I'm starting to enjoy this," Mr Desmond said, adding, "You sat down with that ****ing fat crook and did nothing," in an apparent reference to Lord Black. He also called the Telegraph directors "****ing cunts" and "****ing wankers" among other names in an expletive-ridden tirade.

Mr. Desmond, I wish to extent my sincerest invitation to join us here on AO to discuss Bush's gay free-market abortion war church thing.
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