Magnetic Latch on iBook

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This is a clarification/consolidation of the questions posed in my "Of Dreams and Batteries" thread. I think the problem is something having to do with the magnetic latch - that closing the lid does not, for some reason, allow the ibook to sleep. Everything works fine, including sleep, with the lid open. But close the lid, and the computer cycles between waking and sleeping - something wakes it up, and it sits idle until the sleep timer puts it back to sleep, whereupon it immediately wakes up. Big problem for those of us who want to travel, for example, with the ibook asleep and closed.

Others have had this problem, and have discussed it on the apple site, but there seem to be no immediate solutions, or even a clear perception of what is wrong. Any ideas?


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    cyko95cyko95 Posts: 391member
    My iBook sleeps just fine when the lid is closed. In fact I leave it that way over night, and the whole 45min. drive to work. I don't think i've had this thing turned "off" for real but maybe once or twice since i've had it.
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    Right - that's how it should work, and that's how mine did, for the first two days I owned it. All of a sudden, though, I close the lid, and it doesn't sleep. Bugs me that the latch could have gone screwy in the space of a couple of days, but I'm planning on taking the iBook to the Apple Store near by and having them take a look.

    If anyone has had my problem - of "closed" sleep working one day, and not the next, are there any home-made solutions? "Open" sleep still works fine - which is why it seems like a hardware problem, not a software.

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    cyko95cyko95 Posts: 391member
    I don't think your problem lies in the latch. When I close mine real slow to watch the moving pieces the system goes to sleep much sooner than when the latch swings down and the hinge catches it. I think the mechanism may be in the back where the system is attached to the monitor. When you close the lid to a certain degree, the system goes to sleep. Just a guess though...
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    prestonpreston Posts: 219member
    When I plug/unplug USB stuff, my network cable, AC cord, etc it wakes up then goes back to bed.

    Could be a driver for some silly peripheral? Are you using Airport? Try disabling it to see if that fixes it.

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