Pakistan's "broad understanding"

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Packistan ends Al Queda search . . . and generally gives in completely

Pakistan has given up its fight against tribes in Waziristan. They will release all of thier prosoners, and will discontinue the hunt for Al QUaaid members.

basically they got their asses kicked and are afraid of inciting the populace and so are supporting the general feeling of 'well since they are Muslims then its all good':

The government until now had accused villagers both of harbouring al-Qaeda and Taleban suspects and of taking part in an insurgency against the state.

Lieutenant General Hussain said the agreement was in Pakistan's interest, as tribesmen and soldiers killed in recent fighting in the region were all Pakistanis and Muslims.

We can see in this, perhaps, a general coming together of Muslims as a result of the common bond of Anti-Americanims, which has been excacerbated recently

anyway, this is very bad news . . .and why is it only being reported on the BBC and on no American news sites that I see?!?!


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    hardheadhardhead Posts: 644member
    Pakistan's nukes+Muslim extremist=big whoopie for OBL and Co.
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    I applaud you for your insights, that's probably how it is. Actually most people in the islamic world don't see Osama Bin Laden as a terrorist, but as a hero, a freedom-fighter...

    Only the governments in the islamic world see him as a direct threat, as a terrorist, who could inflame the arabic street to revolt against their own governments, who are more often than not only puppet-regimes controlled by the USA.

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