Pro Mouse is acting up.

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My (optical) pro mouse started acting up yesterday, and is continuing to act up today. Sometimes the computer registers that the mouse is moving, but won't register when I click. Other times, the computer doesn't register movement or clicking. In these situations, the light in the mouse is not on at all. In either case, I am forced to force a restart of the computer.

Yesterday, I did clean my mouse using these instructions but I was very careful not to get any moisture where it doesn't belong.

I use a beige G3, so the optical mouse didn't come with the computer. I added it and a third party USB card in the spring of 2001. I bought kittens last summer, and they chewed on the cord some, but they have since stopped. I guess it doesn't taste real good. But the plastic on the cord is cracked in places, but this all occurred months before this started happening.

Because I use a beige G3, I can also use the old school mice that hook into my beige keyboard. I have a really old one that came with a Mac Classic. When the optical mouse stopped working this last time (movement, but no clicks) I plugged in the old mouse, and had the same problem. That leads me the think it is a system problem, not a mouse problem.

I went to Apple Support and found this article, but it only deals with dual G4s.

Anyone have any ideas what is going on here?


Beige G3 (266Mhz)

Mac OS 9.2.2


Apple Pro Mouse (black optical)

3rd party USB card, sorry I don't remember the company, Apple System Profiler says this about it:

-Card name: pci1045,c861

-Card model: -1

-Card ROM#: Not available

-Card revision: 16

-Card vendor ID: 1045


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    I forgot to add this: When it happens, the clock is still ticking off the seconds, so the entire computer isn't frozen up, it's just not recognizing mouse input. Keyboard input it takes just fine.
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