Embed thumbnails to RAW files?

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I use Image Capture to download RAW files from my camera and like how Image Capture automatically embeds a thumbnail of the photo so that I can quickly see the photos from within Finder instead of having to use Photoshop CS File Browser.

However, sometimes I get RAW files from elsewhere without any thumbnails embedded. Is there a way to automate the process of embedding thumbnails to RAW files? I don't know much about Folder Actions nor scripts, but I have managed to get JPEG thumbnail embedding to work using Folder Actions. How do I do the same with RAW files? Specifically, Canon CRW files.

Currently, what I do is upload the files manually onto a Compact Flash card and then use Image Capture to download it again. There has to be an easier way (?) I use a USB2.0 card reader/writer instead of directly connecting to the camera via [slow!] USB1.1

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    I'm amazed you got image capture to work at all with RAW files. I've tried with my Canon raw files and it always crashes. Then I read that Image capture doesn't support RAW formats. Perhaps this was fixed in a recent update. I'll have to try again sometime.
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    I didn't know it was not supposed to work. I just tried it as I didn't like the software that Canon supplied with the camera - it was so darn slow too!

    Not complaining of course that it works (and reasonably well too), just wondering how to embed thumbnails into RAW files not downloaded by Image Capture.
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