Nokia 3588i USB and sync

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Unfortunately the only Nokia phone that was available from Sprint was the 3588i which is not listed on Apple's iSync page and which is not bluetooth enabled.

The reason I went with Nokia was because I've heard many of their phones do work well via iSync (and bluetooth). None of Sprints other phones worked with iSync either. My hope was that I could buy the Nokia USB cable, hook it up and be in luck.

Are the Bluetooth Nokia phones OS that differnt then the USB Nokia phones?

Nokia has a whole Windblows software package with contacts, calendar, photo's, yadda, yadda syncing that is a free download that works with the phone.

So, short story long of it all is that I'm not excited about plunking down $50 (phone-USB cable) to experiment to see if I can get my contacts (at min.) off my powerbook and onto the 3588i. (Especially with a baby on the way and that distant college bill looming.)



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    It won't work.

    iSync only supports 6 month old Moto phones via USB. In order to use a Nokia it has to be an old Series 60 phone and then only via Bluetooth.

    You can read about my frustration at Apple about iSync here.
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