What the heck is THIS?

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I was going through some articles at slashdot when I decided to look at one discussing a japanese website that took apart an eMac. When I went to their site to see the pictures I found one that really took me by surprise. Since when did Apple start making BLACK flat panel iMacs?? Looks like it has a 17" flat panel screen too. Is this a hack someone did to theirs or is this legitimate?

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    Known hack. Spraypaint yourself one, if you like.

    Not FH. Moving.
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    Yep. Of course spray painted.. Now too bad the "case" or whatever you wanna call it cannot be modded like the iBook.. Maybe around the screen though? (The border...) Hmm.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Of course, the border being black, it makes the screen area look bigger because the screen is also black.
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    stoostoo Posts: 1,490member
    This reminds me of something I saw in a National Geographic (issue 188) in a doctors' surgery today. It was an Apple prototype, from 95. It looked like a cross between the Black Mac (5500) and the Twentieth Anniversary Mac:
    • 17" LCD monitor

    • vertically mounted CD drive below monitor

    • all in one (like the TAM)

    • black keyboard, with a convex curve nearest the user

    For some reason a chimpanzee was posing with it. This wasn't an advert but an example of compsiting (About a hundred Mac+chimp images were Photoshopped into an empty library).
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