How fast are current PB HD for video editing ?

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I'm really interested by the new Powerbooks (as a main system) but i'm afraid 4200 rpm ATA66 HD are not fast enough (not even 5400 rpm with BTO) for video editing, compared to an Ultra160 SCSI HD on Powermacs. Are there any people using current PB for such a purpose and having used PM with Ultra160...

I don't want to spend 6000 Euros (FCP included) in a system that cannot handle video well with FCP 3...


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    chopper3chopper3 Posts: 293member
    I got a PB 800/1Gb/60Gb and use FCP3 on it flawlessly, never had any problems with my previous 550 either. The 60Gb IBM disk gives a realistic 15Mb/sec sustained write, that's all you'll need for DV.

    Hope this helps.
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