Affordable Mac supported Wireless Routers w/ dialup modem

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I am a Netzero user on my G3 iMac and PC. I plan on getting broadband but in the interim I would like to share my internet connection with my PC and iMac (as well as adding a work laptop over VPN with a PC 80211 card ) and possibly a Pismo w/ Airport(or AE) in the near future. Without plunking down for an Airport/AE Base Station w/ built in modem what could I get affordably to accomplish my objectives? PC and Mac file sharing work fine with my 5 port switch but I can't seem to share the netconn from the Mac to the PC or vice versa.



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    Looks like I stumped the "Genius Bar"
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    Apple's Airport is the only base station that I know of (currently selling) that has a built in modem. A few of the upper end firewall devices have serial ports, but then you would have to buy an external modem, and the firewalls start out being more expensive.

    This is one of those places where Apple has a few more features than anyone else, and if you are going to use them, you get a good deal.
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    That's what I'm finding, too. I found a wireless B router, but no G routers at all that have a modem built in.

    Thanks, Karl
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