Clear out .Mac Address Book?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
How do I empty my .Mac address book. I have all of my business/personal contacts sorted etc. on one of my Macs, but an accidental sync put thousands of names from the corporate GAL in my .Mac address book. Now, whenever I sync it wants to add those to my local Address Book and I don't want them...

How do I get my Mac to overwrite .Mac? Thanks!


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    open iSync on the computer that has all the right info.

    go to devices and click on reset all devices, click reset all on popup window configured to this computer.
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    sport73sport73 Posts: 438member

    God, I love this place. Always friendly helpful people around when you need them...Hopefully, I'm one as well as I try to help when I can.

    Thanks again! Worked like a charm.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    Remember how to do that. It's almost guaranteed that at some point you'll have to use that again. Things get a little wonky sometimes and that and "Revert to last sync" are lifesavers.
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    beware the palm as well, if you sync to a palm and aren't careful you may wake up with either lost contacts or duplicated ones. not to mention all the iCal/datebook dilemmas i've had.
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