Re-Installing OSX Panther

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Ok my ibook is causing me trouble again. I went to the apple store today and after a few simple tests they say it is a "software" problem and that I need to go home and re-install OSX. I will archive etc.

The question is,,,, I have my Panther disks 1-3 but I do not have my book that explains the install.

How can I get my machine to start from the install disk one when I power up the machine.

If I just power up it tries to go to the OS which is screwed up. If I am lucky enough to get to the OS the install disk one will not mount on my desktop even though it is set in Sys Prefs to "Ask what to do" for optical media.

Please help!

I just simply need to know how to get the apple Panther install disks to boot from a cold power-up.

Thanks a million,

Fellowship (On the PC in the mean time)


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    Start your computer and hold the "c" button down. That will make it boot from the cd. For future reference, you can also choose a different startup disk (including bootable disks) by holding the option button down at bootup. HTH.
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    [EDIT]It is running the installer[EDIT]

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    My luck,,, The installer prompt says it needs 3 gig to do the install with archive. I have 3.8 available yet after it does part of the "check" it says it had errors and suggests to try to run install again.

    Well,,, it has errors as of two attempts,

    I try to simply boot up the system as to delete some of the files to make more space on the HD but the system will not run 5 mins and I can not even empty my trash because I get an error "-50" within the attempt to "empty the trash"

    Yes I am a tad bit frustrated Feels like using Windows :/

    Unless anyone here has any suggestions I will take it to the apple store tomorrow.

    I do not want to lose my files. I have not had a proper back up lately and wish to retain my files.

    To think the thing worked fine last night until I got an eternal spinning beachball which could not be force quit.

    Ever since this thing is rendered useless. I made a trip to apple today and they said it is Software not Hardware.. to go home and re-install the OS.

    Now I can't even manage to do this


    If anyone knows anything please reply, thanks
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    How comfortable are you with the command line? I think you've got 2 options: boot to the command line and delete stuff that way (if it gets that far) or find a way to backup your files to another computer. :/
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    Update,,, spent hours at the Apple store today trying to get my system "fixed" no matter what it would take. Again all the apple folks telling me it is software not hardware based problem and that my applecare will not cover software related problems. I end up buying a LaCie external HD 120 GB and am lucky enough to back up the iBook. Trust me I was lucky... and would you believe it,, after that the HD dies and they finally admit it.

    Two things,, I am very happy I was able to backup and will keep backed up much better from now on.

    2nd, Apple has awful service and tries everything in the book to say that the $300 or so Applecare I purchased the last two times my ibook broke does not actually cover anything.

    I had to make two trips to the apple store and spend hours to prove my case.


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