Music Store trouble

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OS X 10.3.3, DP G5 1.8, just updated iTunes, et al. DSL Internet connection

Decided to grab my free Pepsi song and the Music Store was extremely flakey. I managed to start downloading but it stopped before I got it all, though the purchase went through.

It then suggested I go to Advanced > Check for Purchased Music, so I did.

After punching in my password (yes, correctly) I get:

"We could not complete your Music Store request. An unknown error has occured (502). There was an error at the Music Store. Please try again later."


"Unable to check for purchased music. An unknown error has occured. (-50)"

This has happened more than a dozen times after I restarted iTunes, rebooted, rebooted and repaired permissions, etc.



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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member

    Originally posted by rentedmule


    A 502 error is an error at the webserver (it means there's server congestion, most likely). I'd just wait a bit.
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    chrisgchrisg Posts: 239member
    I was getting a bunch of errors while I was trying to get the free Foo Fighters song. It finally went and brought me to a new license agreement page which I had to accept before getting the song. I'm guessing this is what is causing some issues.
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    OK, problem solved.

    Yeah, I clicked the new agreement too before this all started.

    I waited another 5 minutes or so after posting and the song went through and downloaded.

    I'm as big an Apple fan as anybody, but this what NOT a good first experience at iTMS.
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