iTunes - UDP port 5353

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When I launch iTunes my firewall intercepts requests for me to open port 5353, which Apple says is for Rendezvous & mDNSResponder. Does anyone know how these are used in iTunes and for what purpose. I'm really picky about opening holes in my firewall for anything, byproduct of being a Windows user.

Thanks in advance.


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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    Opening Port 5353 enables Apple's Rendezvous protocol to pass through the firewall and is used to detect other iTunes users on the network.

    At work we have a bunch of people who share their playlists via Rendezvous. It's awesome to stream other people's music automatically.

    Without opening Port 5353 you won't be able to do this or take advantage of Rendezvous' other features.
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