iBook Combo drive speeds in USA and EU

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I just went to the Belgium Apple Store (online, duh) and reading through the tech specs of both the 12 and 14inch versions of the combo drive iBooks (new 700mhz models), they both have 4x4x6x24 DVD/CDRs. Ie 4x CDR, 4x CDRW, 6 x DVD, and 24 X CD

In the USA Apple Store, they both come with 8x8x8x24 Combo Drives.

Has anyone actually bought a new combo drive iBook 12 or 14inch and seen of this is true? This would be soooo sad. They already over charge us and they also want to give us last generation components??? WTF


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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member
    Check the Apple site and you'll see that it is 8x8x8x24x. The store you were in was mistaken. And yes the Apple's in Europe are so frigen overpriced. So much that I have stopped buying them, where is the price performance here. My Powerbook is going to be my last unless Apple triples their performance or lowers their prices by 30%.
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    cyko95cyko95 Posts: 391member
    I live in the US and bought one of the iBook 700's about 3 weeks ago, and mine indeed has the 8x CDRW in it. If the prices are so bad, and the hardware older...why not just buy it from the US and pay the extra shipping? Just a thought.
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    stoostoo Posts: 1,490member
    Apple are way ahead of you there: the country defaults to the online stores you are at. Time to buy from someone else, perhaps (Apple refurb store? )

    VST Smartdisk Firewire CD-RW: $99 (US)

    VST Smartdisk Firewire CD-RW: £89 (Sterling), equal to $134 (US). <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" />

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    cyko95cyko95 Posts: 391member
    Sure Apple.com maybe, but I bet you could pick one up from MacMall.com, DealTime.com, or any other eVendor and it would be the US price. Not for sure on this, but I thought it may be a good alternative for you all. If nothing else, find someone in the US to buy it for you, then ship it overseas to you. I know I wouldn't mind helping a friend out.
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