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I'm working on my first DVD with iDVD4 (I only had 2.0 before). there's an option to change the encoder to "best," but it disables background encoding. how to start encoding when the background encoding is turned off, and also, is the difference in quality noticeable? I don't understand the whole "Performance, 60 minute max" thing. Thanks.



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    I've been burning quite a few projects lately and haven't noticed any difference in the quality between the two choices. After having disabled the background encoding, I have re-enabled it as the quality appears to same to my eye. And it is helpful to me to have it encoding in the background as I set up menus, etc. as seting up such things takes a decent amount of my time whether or not the background encoding is on of off.

    I'm not sure, but I thought I heard iDVD 4 was supposed to incorporate variable-rate encoding. I was wondering if the new option with "best" quality was just that. As I believe the option with background encoding still has the 60-minute limit for the best quality.

    Hard for me to tell, though as I still haven't burned a project over 60 minutes in length. Sorry of this appears disjointed, but I am at the office on a PC and not at home with my Mac where I can view the menu screens, etc.

    And not like those progress bars were ever very accurate on iDVD 3, but the oneson iDVD 4 is a joke. Just a swirling blue and white candy-cane like bar which has no "time-remaining" feature....Seems pretty weak to me....just my $0.02.

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