ipod 2.2 update mystery?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
This article I found might have something todo with the post below...maybe not?



I had a G5 up and running with a FireWire 828 sound card hooked up and turned on ready for sound at a 44 clock setting. I also had an iMAC installing the 4.5 itunes update and iPOD 2.2 update. I noticed that the 828 clock is jumping from 44 to 48 and so on. When I got to the iPOD update started the G5 gave up and the beach ball popped up and it asked me to do a hard restart. I finished the updates and turned off the iMAC and the G5 and everything worked great and the clock on the 828 was stable again.

What happened? Why was the G5 so affected by the other computers actions. BTW the two Mac's are not that close together as you might think.
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