in Mac Software edited January 2014
i've had the app for some time now, but haven't had the time, until recently, to actually sit down and do more than just toy with it. i thought it was cool before, now i'm in love.

normally, whenever there's a need for some original music arrangement on a new media piece, one of my more musically talented coworkers does the honors. well the bastard has been swamped lately so my project hasn't been registering to high on his priority list. go figure. any who, to make a long story short, i got tired of waiting around for his ass to get on it and was able generate a nice little 1 minute loop that will go on a mini flash site i'm just finishing up. the project is for a relatively high-end hotel and casino located in san juan, puerto rico, hence the latin flavor of the music. take a listen and tell me what you think.

music loop

also, if any of you have some stuff you did in soundtrack that you think is cool, post them here. i'd like to see what others are able to come up with.
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