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in General Discussion edited January 2014 roommates dell crapped out on her last week. So I let her use my old iBook for the week. She now has a shiny new 15" powerbook.

All it took was a little convincing that there was cross compatibility between windows and mac and she was instantly hooked.

So we go off to the apple store today to get her powerbook and she wants the 15" combo drive version with 512 ram total (by my recommendation). When we called yesterday they said they had the 2nd 256 chip in stalk. We get there and get everything set and ask about the upgrade and they said they're out of stock. So we tell them about calling yesterday and them saying that they have it. So the lady goes back and sees if they held it for us or something. Turns out they didn't- THIS IS THE COOL PART- They gave her a 512 chip for the price of the 256 one ($100).

I have to say I was impressed with the customer service this time around. I've never actually made a large purchase (only software and peripherals) at an apple store and I must say I was impressed...

Another thing- too bad apple can't do a test drive a mac for a week thing. That would be great and I think it would cause a lot of people to switch over...




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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    You can find 512 chips for less than $100 if you look around though, Apple tends to mark up, a lot.

    I think Apple did a test drive program at one point, and it turned out to be a bad idea.
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    timotimo Posts: 353member
    cool story, nice work, etc.

    good work man
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    kennethkenneth Posts: 832member
    Good job... one more happy computer user on Earth.
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    messiahtoshmessiahtosh Posts: 1,754member
    My brother Pat had a similar success with someone he got to know while living in Paris. The guy asked Pat why he loved the Mac so much, and how he could justify it. Pat just said, "well why dont you juse use it and find out?" Pat showed the guy the iLife apps and then let him try it out. Needless to say, this skeptic now owns an iBook.
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    locopanolocopano Posts: 38member
    I had the same story at uni. Outta all my friends i was the only one who had a MAC. I ripped it out one day and it caught there eye. So i showed them a few things (expose, FCE, iMovie and other iApps) and then let them play around.

    Now 3 of them have apples and a fourth/fifth one is on the way to converting. (Prices on the old Pbooks 1GHZ 12" have dropped by about $800AUD = 600US, so he's picking one of them up. The others unfortunatly bought at full price so they're a little pissed.

    But yeah they are still converted.
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    hyperb0lehyperb0le Posts: 142member
    Yeah, if Apple did a "Test drive a Mac" promotion, it would win over a bunch of switchers. The two main hurtles that a switcher needs to get past are realizing that Mac<->PC compatability is not a problem, and learning not to be afraid to mess with a computer (unless you are logged in as root). A test-drive would help accomplish both of these. Then again, it would probably be expensive for Apple at first to keep loaning out computers. Maybe eMac or iBooks?
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